Engineers Interview- The power of learning

By 29th May 2019Constant learning

When Andrew Hargreaves joined Constant Power Services Ltd little did he know that this would be the beginning of years of learning and skills development, as Constant Power Services took him on a journey to become the best.

Andrew has worked for Constant Power Services for 5 years after first completing his apprenticeship, he is now in the final stages of completing his third year of a four-year BEng Electrical electronic engineering degree; we took 5 minutes to discuss Andrews course and ask him why it is so important to him.

What is your current role/position within the company and has this changed in the 5 years that you have worked for the company?

I am a senior UPS service technician based out of Cleckheaton near Leeds. As a UPS technician, we cover all aspects of UPS work including the installation, maintenance and repair of UPS and battery systems. My role has changed during the last 5 years as I have become one of the more senior and experienced technicians within the company. I am keen to help with the training of new technicians within my area and offer support and guidance where I can.

What made you decide to undertake a course?

When I first started, Constant Power Services were very keen that I complete a two year HNC course in electrical and electronic engineering. They are keen for all of their engineers to complete this. This is something which I fully support and hope they continue to provide. Upon completing this course I wanted to carry on my education on a part-time basis and suggested a Bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering to my line manager. I was very pleased to find out that Constant Power Services would give me the time off to complete my degree over four years and also sponsor me throughout. I am coming to the end of my third year at Manchester Metropolitan University and will have one more year remaining. The course goes in depth into the mathematics and science behind electrical and electronic engineering. I feel that learning in depth about the relevant electrical and electronic topics is very beneficial. Most engineering problems can be solved by using mathematical formulas if enough thought is given to them.

What do you hope to achieve by having this qualification?

I hope to gain a broader and deeper understanding within the electrical and electronic engineering industry. I want to apply my new knowledge and skills to improve myself as a UPS technician within Constant Power Services. I feel the skills that I am currently developing will help not only directly to UPS, but associated systems such as power distribution that will help me improve as an all rounded engineer.
I think to be the best that you can be at something, you have to want to do it and learn everything that you possibly can about it. Having a basic understanding of something is essential. You cannot become a UPS technician overnight, you have to complete an electrical apprenticeship first which teaches the fundamentals of electricity such as what is voltage, current, Ohm’s law etc. This knowledge is essential if you want to succeed within the UPS industry as everything you learn depends on first knowing these fundamentals. In completing my degree is feel that this takes this further by learning the complex laws involved in electrical and electronic engineering. This further understanding can be applied within the UPS industry in my current role and also future roles helping me become the best I can be.

 I enjoy my job here at Constant Power Services and value the fact that they are sponsoring me through my further education. I also feel that I have a lot more to learn within Constant Power Services and I am excited to see which future projects I will be working on. As a field technician, I work all over the country and see different places and people every day. I also enjoy that I can learn about different industries from on-site engineers who specialise in different engineering practices.

Have you noticed any changes within the company since you have been here?

Shortly after I started working for Constant power Service they moved from their offices in Hitchin to a new, bigger office in Letchworth which has a large warehouse. The company has also implemented improved systems and processes to improve the smooth running of jobs. This has also led to improved engineer training which has helped to share knowledge between the engineering team.

I also feel that the standard of work being produced at Constant Power Services has improved due to new engineers joining who bring with them new ideas and ways of doing things. This has helped the company improve the way that some things are carried.

Where do you see Constant Power Services in the future?

Constant Power Services’ investment in the new, larger offices and warehouse suggests they are planning to grow and expand going forward. I continue to work on bigger jobs and hope that going forward we will continue to win larger projects which will result in further growth of the business. In the north of England, our engineers are increasingly busy and if this continues it will hopefully mean there is scope to expand the engineering team. This expansion benefits us as it exposes us to more varied and interesting projects which I hope to be part of in the future.

What would your advice be to a new Engineer joining Constant Power Services?

My advice for a new engineer is to come in and be willing to learn from colleagues and take any opportunities for development through internal and external training courses. I would advise them not to be afraid of asking for further educational opportunities as Constant Power Services have been very supportive of my further studies.

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